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20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design Side View

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design Side View


20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design - UltraLinx

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

DigiBarn Software: The (Xerox) World According to Norm Cox (on designs of Star Icons)

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design

20 Brilliant Examples of Skeuomorphic UI Design - UltraLinx

Uxpin web ui design best practices

The Flat Design Era

What is minimalism?

... also reading your very awesome suggestions in the comments section, I decided to add a few more examples to round the list out! The first one is Textra.

Awesome Note and Newsstand for iOS: skeuomorphism can help make navigation intuitive

Proven user experience design consulting

Airbnb for Android: ah, crystal-clear Side Drawer navigation

An example of how we use Boards here at InVision .

Facebook beta for Windows Phone: two Side Drawers—left for the main menu,

Google+ is another example of Google nailing their own design principles. Both the app and the website look great with a scrolling interface that puts big ...

... UI elements ...

Four Examples Of Excellent Interface Design

WordPress for Android and iOS: Side Drawer represents “off-canvas” thinking

Parenting relates to object relationship. Transformation, Value Change, Masking, Overlay, and Cloning all relate to object continuity.

The two main streams of design: Flat design and Material design

Before then, most designs were skeuomorphic with lots of 3D effects, gradients, and texture.

Calendar. When looking for examples of material design ...

Too bad evolutionoftheweb.com stopped at 2012. This chart is gnarly

As many of you might already have seen in the daily builds of Blender 2.8, we have been working on a new toolbar and widget system for Blender.

Observe these examples of Flat minimalism: hell-o-baby

The ...

Pagination works by presenting a set number of rows in a view, with the ability to navigate to another set. The above example provides the ability to ...

... typically 3-5 sides. This trend includes every floating triangle and square you see, but also original shapes that fit the definition.

Interaction design

a) Google Moon

Is ETL Still Relevant in 2019?

Web Design Trends 2016

... Slide08.jpg ...

Facebook for iOS, old and new: Tab Bar (right) beat out the

Michela Chiucini Wide Website Designs

PHP remains the popular choice for website backend development. This programming language has improved its positions even further after the release of ...

The iOS 7.1 update includes an improved look and feel for more intuitive actions, and improved apps such as the calendar now including a month view.

Responsive web designs are a novel take on web designing. It provides an optimal view and maximum interaction from the viewer's side.

Color psychology: The logo color tricks used by top companies and how to design your own

So far, different models were developed, sketching the potential career steps of a design leader, but they all focus on the cooperate side, picturing design ...

Not enough to be diving in and out of all these smart looking material design Apps? Sick of your Galaxy's TouchWiz UI? Nova Launcher gives your homescreen a ...

JSCamp Romania · odsc east boston conference

Democracy 3

... Edit Post Page with Settings popup in Google Material Design view ...

Top 5 things your UX Portfolio needs

But even as a financial guy at Apple, you have to have a reverence for the creative side of the business. You have to figure out ways to say yes.

Mariusz Cieśla Web & Mobile Interface & Experience Designer

Rdio works well, but it helps that it's so nice to look at

RetailMeNot for Android: tap navicon or swipe edge to reveal the overlay Side Drawer,

The flat UI approach styles both the primary and secondary actions as links—with the same text color and background—which slows users down, as they have to ...

Fabulous: Motivate Me

As a result, Slack's design process mirrors the open communication that the company was created to foster.

While much of the Facebook traffic may also be coming from paid ads, it also demonstrates how Facebook is maturing as an advertising platform and how our ad ...


... the content in a grid or list view. We also saw some minor updates to the side panel menu structure and cosmetic changes to align with modern design.

Halftone Effects in Wildcard 2.0 Headlines

Quora for Android pushes the Fixed Tabs limit by squeezing in four items; Path for

Photo credit: Squarespace recreated in UXPin

material design-matrand-16x9-1080p

4 Key Skills of a WordPress Web Designer

Game Center took Jobs's preference for visual metaphors and realistic 3-D icons–known as skeuomorphism–to garish new extremes.

Elite Dangerous


Crucial dos and don'ts for ios app ui design

Starbucks for iOS and Brit & Co. for Windows Phone: Springboards as secondary navigation

Take this screenshot from AirBnB for example: airbnb

Dark Matter

JavaScript is the number one programming language for web applications. With dozens of JS-related technologies already existing and still in development, ...

c) The hidden Apple icon in iBooks

Evernote is often praised for its take on material design and with good reason. The app has a strong and consistent color scheme throughout and is as ...

MacOS started with the skeuomorphic desktop model of the Xerox Star and added it to such fundamental modern GUI concepts as pull-down menus, hold-and-drag, ...

Two example with buttons: One says 'Download iTunes' , one says Download the

Smashing Magazine Wide Website Designs

Living Big In A Tiny House

Luvocracy for iOS: tap the navicon, or “hamburger,” and Side Drawer

From left to right personal messages from Mailchimp, Forecast and Harvest

2. Lively Color Choices

A refined UI and more thought out interaction.

Basic nag screen (left) vs. Advanced nag screen (right). Advanced nag screens typically have three times higher click-thru rates.

Artificial Intelligence and UX \

Aside from these benchmark tests, I also created a “witches brew” After Effects composition of my own. This one contains ten layers of 4K media in a ...

Here's an illustrative music player concept by Piotr Kwiatkowski.

UI design evolution is influenced by hardware and intuitiveness. A good UI design sticks to

I found the new version very easy to use and a welcomed changed; however, it will require some adaptation if you've been using Media Composer for a long ...

Material Design Lite

Then they follow with desktop design extending few elements a bit but refusing to include anything unnecessary. 5 stars when it comes to UX and UI design if ...

Examples of PIE menus from a phone running the open source Paranoid Android OS ()

Please click that nice Heart icon below if you enjoyed this piece :) UX ...